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Idaho Ghost Town Hollywood Robbie Silver Dollar

This sticker is on a peace dollar and reads “Souvenir of IDAHO GHOST TOWN – U.S. 30”. It also has an ape with the words Hollywood Robbie across the overalls. This is really a great coin and I would be very surprised to find that there are more than a few of the in existence. The rarity of this coin mixed with the great graphics on the sticker makes this coin extremely desirable. I would personally put the value of this coin at over $350. I believe the coin would be worth more if the history of this coin could be tracked down.

I have done a ton of research on this stickered coin, and have not been able to find any useful information. I have even researched all the Ghost Towns along U.S 30, which in now part of Interstate 86 in Idaho. There are no Ghost Towns that stick out. As well I have not been able to uncover any information on Hollywood Robbie.

Ape with overalls with words "Hollywood Robbie" Souvenir of Idaho Ghost Town -U.S. 30
Ape with overalls with words “Hollywood Robbie” Souvenir of Idaho Ghost Town -U.S. 30
Overall Rating for Hollywood Robbie Peace Dollar
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