Wagon Wheel Saloon Lake Tahoe Stickered Peace Dollar

Wagon Wheel Saloon Sticker Description
This sticker has red lettering with a gold background with a blue wagon wheel in the center. The sticker includes a small buffalo/steer skull with a small cactus. The wording on the coin reads: “I CAME FROM WAGON WHEEL SALOON * LAKE TAHOE * HIGHWAY 50 * STATE LINE NEVADA”

This coin dates from pre 1960. In researching this I found that the Wagon Wheel Saloon has been renamed 3 times. It is now called Harveys Lake Tahoe and is one of the largest landmarks in Lake Tahoe. From 1944 to shortly before 1960 the casino was named the Wagon Wheel Saloon. Here are the links to several great articles that you might be interested in reading (link, link, link). This coin is most likely from the early 1950s and would have been a souvenir in the gift shop.

The Wagon Wheel Saloon State Line Nevada
The Wagon Wheel Saloon State Line Nevada

This coin is highly collectable. It is not extremely rare, but it is uncommon to find one in good condition like the one pictured above. This coin can collect a premium if it is in good condition. The uniqueness of the sticker adds to its value and it is a coin any collector would like to have in his or her collection.

Overall Rating for Wagon Wheel Saloon Stickered Peace Dollar
Note that prices can very based on condition of coin, condition of the sticker, and rarity of sticker.
Rarity is based on how often coins show up in auctions, coin shows, and number of stickered coins created.

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