Wells Fargo Lounge Moline Illinoiss Stickered Peace Dollar

Wells Fargo Lounge Sticker Description
The sticker has a cream background with black lettering. The sticker reads: “WELLS FARGO LOUNGE Highland Park Bowl 4204 23rd Ave. MOLINE, ILL.” What is really interesting about this coin is that in very small print at the bottom of the coin is information on the printer. This is the only coin I have ever seen that contains such a mark. While it is hard to read the printer logo says: “Allied Printing * Trades (Union Label) Council * Tri-City” with a number “5” to the right of the logo.

Lounge History
The more I research this coin the more I like it. The Wells Fargo Lounge is still in existence today and located in the same spot. It opened in 1959. Highland Park Bowl was a 48 lane bowling alley that also had a lounge. 23rd street has since been renamed to Avenue of the Cities. As well The lounge/bowling alley has since been renamed Fargo Dance & Sports. This coin would have been made within a few years of the lounge’s opening.

Information on Trade Council
At the bottom of this sticker you will see the Union “Bug” at the bottom. As I said before this is the only sticker I have ever seen with a union label on it. The number 5 to the right of the label was the union number. The #5 is no longer in business, but the Allied Printing union is. Here is the link to their website: http://www.alliedlabel.org/ I would love to know the history of why the owner of the Wells Fargo Lounge choose to have union labor do the work. Was it union loyalty on his part or was there a bit of a shake down involved? I would love to know more about it.

Wells Fargo Lounge Highland Park Bowl Moline Illinoiss Silver Dollar
Wells Fargo Lounge Highland Park Bowl Moline Illinoiss Silver Dollar
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5 thoughts on “Wells Fargo Lounge Moline Illinoiss Stickered Peace Dollar”

  1. David: I noted with interest the reference to your stickered silver dollars web site as presented in this week’s edition of the “E-Sylum.” You have obviously dedicated much more time to the attribution of the issues illustrated than I have on my own holdings. Up to this point I’ve done little aside from colleclting/accumulating the offerings that have come my way. Not surprisingly, I note that there are a fair number of the pieces you have posted that I have never encountered — probably five or six — as I’ve never encountered a second example of a high percentage of those pieces I’ve set aside.


    1. Clifford,

      Thanks for the comment. It is interesting that you commented. I live in Chattanooga and attend coin shows in the surrounding area looking for stickered dollars. I normally bring a few examples with me to show each table as I pass by, and ask if they have any dollars with stickers on them. I normally only find one or two at a coin show, but I must hear 5 or 6 times a show “Oh you collect those, that is what Clifford Mishler collects”. When I started collecting them I was a silver bug and was just buying junk silver. When I saw my first stickered dollar I knew instantly that I wanted to collect them.

      I still have a good number of coins I need to get out here. It just takes me a while to research each coin. Many times I can look for hours and find nothing about the coin. I believe with many of these coins the history of them is completely lost. I guess I just need to get the coins out here and then do the research because it looks like other people might have more info. Here is a good example of that, read the comments: http://www.stickeredsilverdollars.com/red-top-hat-stickered-silver-dollar/

  2. David: I am just trying to establish contact with you based on the reference carried in this week’s “E-Sylum” relative to your stickered silver dollar web site.


  3. 1926-D Peace Dollar. Silver Spur Bar & Lounge. Rawlins, Wyoming. Seven day eBay auction starting 7-19-15. No “Contact” on website so I’ll try this to let you know.

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