Red Top Hat Stickered Silver Dollar

The Top Hat sticker dollar is quite rare and is believed to be a casino slot machine payout dollar. This is the only one that I know of, but I am sure there are more out there.


Note:If you have any more history of these coins or a story about these coin please leave a comment.

Top Hat Silver Dollar
Top Hat Casino Payout Silver Peace Dollar
Overall Rating for Red Top Hat Stickered Dollars
Note that prices can very based on condition of coin, condition of the sticker, and rarity of sticker.
Rarity is based on how often coins show up in auctions, coin shows, and number of stickered coins created.

Note: This is a good example of a coin being rare, but the price not following. The lack of history with this coin hurts its value. This coin at auction could fetch a very large premium if the right bidders were involved. What is interesting about the sticker is that it is quite sticky, which I believe lends to its rarity. I believe most of these stickers were taken off and the coin cleaned because of how the sticker aged. This coin is sealed in an air tight holder which will keep this sticker permanently intact.

2 thoughts on “Red Top Hat Stickered Silver Dollar”

  1. We often come across these coins when we process dollar bags in the office. We list them on our eBay account for auctions. I was researching a coin when I stumbled upon this website. It is very cool and has a lot of information. We had found a dollar with this sticker advertisement, and we had no information about it either. We later found a very similar sticker that gave us more information. It has the same red hat man, as well as the name of the bar. I hope this helps you. I have copied the photobucket image link.

  2. Amanda thank you so much for posting this. I was able to do a quick search based on the info on the coin you posted to track down a bunch of info. I will update this post when I get a chance.

    By the way, I have purchased more than a few of the coins on this site from you guys on Ebay. This site is going to take a while for me to get finished. I currently have over 50 coins I still need to get up, but the research of each coin takes a while.

    Thanks again!

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