Blue 8 Petal Stickered Peace Dollar

This stickered coin looks to be a slot machine payout coin for an unknown Casino. The image is either of a burst or flower pattern and has 8 petals. Judging by the sticker it looks to be from the 1950s or early 1960s.
This coin is in great condition and the sticker is completely intact. I own several of these and have seen a few show up on ebay. By far this stickered coin is in the best condition I have seen. Most of the coins I have seen have heavily warn stickers and coins from years of passing through slot machines.

Only a small percentage of stickered coins use a transparent sticker, which is one of the things that make this coin unique and highly collectible.

Most likely a casino slot machine coin.

Dark Blue Flower/Burst Stickered Dollar
Blue 8 Petaled Flower Sticker on back of Peace Dollar
Overall Rating for Slot Machine Stickered Dollar
Note that prices can very based on condition of coin, condition of the sticker, and rarity of sticker.
Rarity is based on how often coins show up in auctions, coin shows, and number of stickered coins created.

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