The Log House Restaurant Shawnee OK Stickered Peace Dollar

Corning Sticker Description
This sticker is a white rectangle with black lettering that reads “HOME OF THE SILVER DOLLAR LUNCHEON THE LOG HOUSE SHAWNEE, OKLA.”

What this sticker lacks in eye appeal it plenty makes up for in its history. This restaurant was co-owned by the founder of the Sonic Drive-In.

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In 1953 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Smith and his partner were operating the Top Hat root beer stand and the Log House Restaurant. For five years, they ran both restaurants. However, the two concepts had very different economics. Smith learned that high-end restaurants might earn more gross revenue, but profits were limited. In 1955, Smith ended his partnership and got out of the Log House Restaurant. The Top Hat had been the cash cow for the Log House because profit margins were four times greater than those of the steakhouse. Smith eventually put all of his efforts into the root beer stand while discovering a better way to make money in the restaurant business. It was called a drive-in.

An entrepreneur in every way, Smith focused on turning his Top Hat root beer stand into a successful drive-in concept. During this time, he pioneered the use of angled and covered parking, along with an intercom speaker system that allowed customers to place orders from their cars. “Service With the Speed of Sound,” became the tagline for the Top Hat.

…. An attempt to copyright the Top Hat name in 1958 failed so Smith and Pappe looked up “speed of sound” in the dictionary and discovered the word “sonic”.

This is the only coin I have seen, and I believe it to be very rare. I would guess very few of these stickered dollars still exist today.

The Log House Restaurant Owned by Troy Smith founder of Sonic Drive-In
The Log House Restaurant Owned by Troy Smith founder of Sonic Drive-In
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