1951 St. Cloud Minnesota Pioneer Days Sticker

This Peace Dollar sticker reads: “St. Cloud Aug. 3-4-5 1951 St Cloud C. of C. ‘PIONEER DAYS'”, and shows a moving covered wagon with a Father, Mother, and baby in the front. The sticker is blue with blue, red, and white lettering. This coin is highly collectible. The image is fun and unique with the sticker taking up the whole back of the coin. This coin is one to have in your collection even if the quality is only minimal. I have only seen two of these coins so if you see one it might be your only chance to buy one.

This coin was put out by the St. Cloud Minnesota Chamber of Commerce in 1951 in celebration of Pioneer Days. I have no other info on this coin. If you can add to the history of this coin it would be appreciated.

St. Cloud Minnesota 1951 Pioneer Days
St. Cloud Minnesota 1951 Pioneer Days
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