Atlantic City Dude Ranch Silver Dollar Sticker

These coins pop up in coin shows and auctions from time to time. The fun and unique boot sticker bumps up the premium on this coin. While not extremely rare this is a coin that collectors really want to have in their collection. The coin and sticker below are in extremely good condition with no wear marks on the sticker.

This stickered Peace Dollar is from the Dude Ranch, which was located in Atlantic City during the 1940’s and 1950’s. It was located on the corner of Boardwalk and Connecticut Avenue. The Dude Ranch contained a very large dance floor and bar that they advertised as the largest. They also served food, but primarily were a bar with a large dance floor. The Dude Ranch was themed in a country western style. This coin was most likely created as a souvenir during the late 1950s.

The Atlantic City Dude Ranch Silver Dollar Sticker
The Atlantic City Dude Ranch Silver Dollar Sticker
Overall Rating for Atlantic City Dude Ranch Stickered Dollar
Note that prices can very based on condition of coin, condition of the sticker, and rarity of sticker.
Rarity is based on how often coins show up in auctions, coin shows, and number of stickered coins created.

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