Margo’s Buckeye Roundup Sticker

This coin is a common stickered dollar, but is one that most collectors want in their collection. I’ve seen these on both Peace and Morgan dollars. The sticker reads: “Margo’s Buckeye Roundup 2384 Lake BLVD.”, which is written in red lettering on a transparent sticker. When buying one of these I would recommend waiting to find one that has a sticker in good condition. It also helps to find a coin that does not have much wear. The coin below meets both of those conditions.
Note: One reason that most collectors like this sticker is because it is transparent. Only a small percentage of stickered dollars had transparent stickers.

When I first purchased this coin I assumed it was a coin from Ohio, but after a few dead ends I found that this coin was from a Cardroom in Reading California. Margo’s Buckeye Roundup closed in 1966.

Margo's Buckeye Roundup sticker located on Lake BLVD. in Redding California
Margo’s Buckeye Roundup sticker located on Lake BLVD. in Redding California
Overall Rating for Margo's Buckeye Roundup Stickered Peace Dollar
Note that prices can very based on condition of coin, condition of the sticker, and rarity of sticker.
Rarity is based on how often coins show up in auctions, coin shows, and number of stickered coins created.

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  1. I have a 1882 morgan silver dollar with the lady luck sticker and the 8 petal stamp in good shape how much could it be worth?

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