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Evangeline Maid Bread Company Payroll Silver Dollar

The Evangeline Maid Stickered Dollar is somewhat unique in that the company used a stamp sheet for their sticker. I cannot right now recall any other stickered dollars containing a stamp. This fact alone makes the coin desirable. As well I have only seen a couple of these dollars available for sale. The sticker reads “Your Evangeline Maid Payroll in Action”. It is too bad this sticker does not contain the iconic Evangeline Maid which is located on every loaf of Evangeline Maid bread.

The Evangeline Maid Bakery was founded in 1919, and still exists today in Lafayette Parish Louisiana. Evangeline Maid is now owned by Flowers Food, but the brand still exists today. This coin was most likely created in the 1950s as a way to show residents how much money the bakery brought into the community.

Evangeline Maid Bread Payroll Dollar circa 1950s
Evangeline Maid Bread Payroll Dollar circa 1950s
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