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Utah Bee Hive State Silver Dollar

The image below does not do the sticker justice. The gold foil reflected the light when the coin was scanned and gave it a hazy look in the image. I have personally only seen two of these coins. It is interesting that the word Beehive is made into two words “BEE HIVE” on the coin.
The small sticker size brings down the value of this coin. I would have loved to see this sticker fill the whole coin with a nice beehive image. Either way this is a rare stickered coin and a nice to have in my collection.

In 1959 Utahans voted to make the Beehive the official state emblem. This coin would have been stickered to celebrate that event. It was most likely sold as a souvenir piece to tourist and those excited about the Beehive being adopted.

Utah Bee Hive State on a Gold Sticker
Utah Bee Hive State on a Gold Sticker
Overall Rating for Utah Bee Hive State Stickered Dollars
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